Horwin EK3 Electric Moped


*125cc Equivalent

Top Speed: 60mph
Top Range: 60 Miles
Charge Time: 4 Hours

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red horwin ek3 on the road


Comfort and Design Meet Each Another High-Tech and Safety

Modern design, soft contours, brilliant colours –fashion and luxury combined in one. Young or old, male or female: the EK3 appeals to everyone!

The EK3 was designed for daily use, covering even longer distances quickly, elegantly and economically. This e-scooter is roomy. It features an ergonomic, well-thought-out, comfortable sitting position.

The EK3 was developed in line with the latest safety standards and is equipped with numerous high-tech systems. A CBS braking system, LED lights, a light switch-off delay function, keyless go, a touch-start display, cruise control, reverse gear, an anti-theft alarm system and breakdown-proof tyres: all of this comes standard with this low-maintenance bike, which stands out thanks to its minimum running costs!

horwin electric scooter S4 Motor


Highly Efficient and Cheap to Run

The center motor developed by HORWIN generates 6.2 kW at a speed of 95 km/h. The EK3 accelerates to 60 km/h in six seconds and full torque is obtained as soon as the throttle control is operated.

The motor’s constant power output ensures that the bike runs quietly in all road conditions. Moreover, the highly efficient motor perfectly combines performance with low energy consumption. All the finely tuned components ensure that the bike’s drive chain system with the trouble-free, maintenance-friendly chain drive works efficiently and stably, enabling this e-scooter to continue operating in a cost-efficient manner.


Led-Daytime Running Light for Enhanced Safety

The automatic daytime running lamp DRL lights up with an intensive white LED light. This improved lighting system enhances safety – especially on rainy and foggy days. An automatic switch-off delay function when the lights are turned off illuminates the way to the garage or front door before you dismount.

The headlamps are fitted with three LED lamps. Their brighter and whiter light allows you to literally cut through the darkness, making them far superior to standard filament lamps. In comparison to the yellow light produced by conventional halogen lamps, the colour of these LED lamps is also a very good approximation to natural daylight. They give the rider a more realistic impression of the road situation.


You Can Recharge Your Smartphone While Riding

While you’re out and about with your EK3, you can recharge your smartphone using the on-board USB port. This practical additional feature means that you can rest assured that the battery of your mobile phone will always be sufficiently charged – no matter when and where.

horwin electric moped storage
keyless fob anti theft


A Key Doubling up As a Remote Control

The scooter key conveniently features an integrated remote control. This means that you can start up, switch off and immobilise the e-scooter without even having to place the key in the ignition switch!

The anti-theft alarm system can also be enabled and disabled using the remote control key.


Automatic Locking And Unlocking Mechanism

To start the EK3, all you have to do is to carry the ignition key with you. When you approach the scooter, it is automatically unlocked.

You only have to press the start button. When you leave your EK3 it is automatically relocked. Simple and convenient!

S6 Keyless start


A Complete Overview Thanks to A Modern Cockpit

The large display of the HORWIN EK3 shows you all the information you need during your journey: current speed, cruise control, battery level, riding range and much more. With its modern design, featuring the latest technology, it also clearly displays all the necessary information in the darkness thanks to the backlight.

An especially practical and innovative feature: when you slide your finger over the touch-start strip at the bottom of the display, you can start the motor.

Ek3 dash display
horwin ek3 battery


A Battery with Its Own Manager

The EK3 electric scooter is fitted with two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, which can be easily removed. The bike is supplied with the efficient 18650 lithium-ion battery model from Samsung.

The SOC monitoring system and the modern battery management system are capable of preventing malfunctions. Among other things, they protect against overcharge, discharge, surge, short circuits and also monitor the temperature of the batteries.

The battery life is 1000 charging cycles. The charging time for a battery pack is about 4 hours.


A Special Braking System Which Is Both Intelligent and Enhances Safety

The CBS braking system is designed to make braking safer and more stable. It enhances the protection against the possibility of one of the wheels becoming blocked.

The CBS (Combined Braking System) distributes the braking force between the front and rear brake disks. This means that if you have to brake in an emergency, the braking distance is reduced, thus ensuring safe braking at high speeds. This braking sensitivity makes for extremely precise handling when approaching and navigating curves and if the road surface is wet.

A further advantage: the CBS is very cheap to maintain and replace.

horwin vacuum tyres


Vacuum Tyres, No More Breakdowns

The vacuum tyres fitted to the EK3 boast outstanding adherence to the road surface. They are breakdownproof, wear-resistant and have a longer life than ordinary tyres. A perfect combination of safety and comfort.

The high-strength light-metal wheel hubs are made of aluminium alloy. They give the front and rear wheels outstanding stability and resilience but are nevertheless relatively lightweight.


Automatic Coordination of Energy Consumption

The field-oriented control system FOC is, so to speak, the brain of your scooter. It ensures the bike starts up quickly and smoothly and balances power and energy consumption, to improve control of the motor.

The system recognises your riding conditions and controls the motor so as to achieve optimal performance.

Moreover, it optimises energy savings and performance. It even recycles energy during certain braking phases. And it limits power output during certain acceleration phases.

white ek3 on black


Ergonomic Design for An Optimised Sitting Position

The engineers at HORWIN properly interpreted the meaning of the familiar words ‘bigger is better’. This is why they opted for a spacious footboard and a wider and longer seat.

The distance between the height of the seat and the footboard has also been kept as large as possible, to avoid bending the rider’s legs too much. The ergonomic design and optimised sitting position make your ride more relaxed and comfortable.


Four Shock Absorbers for All Road Surfaces

The EK3 scooter is fitted with twin hydraulic shock absorbers at the front and rear. They offer the rider an outstanding riding experience – no matter what the state of the road is.

horwin ek3 front suspension



Depending on the country in which you live, the purchase of electric vehicles is financially supported by many governments, organisations or companies. Please contact your local authority or your dealer for further detailed information. Changing over to an electric vehicle is undoubtedly a win-win situation!


The EK3 moves almost noiselessly.


No exhaust gases means no emissions. So smelly clothes are a thing of the


The motor is maintenance-free. Only certain parts of the brake system and the tyres have to be replaced from time to time.


Fully charging the battery costs less than 1 euro (depending on the country).
The savings are obvious.


The costs of insuring electric vehicles are usually lower than for petrol-driven
vehicles (depending on the country).


The HORWIN EK3’s power unit is probably the most sustainable and eco-friendly
way to get from A to B.


Horwin EK3 Is Winner of The Red Dot Design Award 2021

HORWIN is very proud that its HORWIN EK3 electric scooter has been selected to receive the coveted Red Dot Design Award 2021 in the product design category. This means that EK3 can advertise itself with the title “reddot winner 2021”.

The distinction Red Dot has become established internationally as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design. The products, communication projects as well as design concepts and prototypes entered in the competition are evaluated by the Red Dot Jury, which convenes once a year for each competition.

The award-winning designs are presented in the Red Dot Design Museums, in the online presentation and in the Red Dot Design Yearbook for example.

horwin uk reddott winner 2021 768x441



ek3 specifications

Length: 1900 mm

Width: 690 mm

Height: 1130 mm

Seat height: 780 mm

Motor type: DC motor

Power management: Field Oriented Control (FOC)

Battery: 72 V, 36 Ah (optional 72 Ah with second battery)


EK 360 degree view

Front wheel hub: MT 2.5×14

Rear wheel hub: MT 3.0×13

Front wheel: 100/80-14

Rear wheel: 110/70-13

Wheelbase: 1320 mm

Min. ground clearance: 125 mm front wheel hub

Kerb weight: 95 kg (without battery)

Technically permissible maximum laden mass: 284 kg

Hub: Aluminium alloy

Equipment Highlight

ek3 highlights

LED lights throughout (front, rear, indicator lamps)

Anti-theft alarm system

Helmet storage compartment under the seat

Automatic light switch-off delay

Reverse gear

Keyless go

Touch-start display

Cruise control

Ergonomic design

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 190 × 69 × 113 cm

Black, Grey, Red, White

Battery Type

Dual Battery, Single Battery

Charge Time

4 Hours

Battery size

72V, 40Ah

Fast Charging


Motor power


Top Range

62 Miles

Top speed



3 Years

Kick Stand




5 reviews for Horwin EK3 Electric Moped

  1. Billy D.

    Great thank you.

    Colour: White, Battery Type: Dual Battery x 1
  2. Billy M.

    Thanks. Really enjying my Horwin EK3.

    Colour: Red, Battery Type: Dual Battery x 1
  3. Anna T.

    Loving my red EK3, was a bit unsure about the Horwin when I first started looking into electric mopeds as there wasn’t too much info on them, but I can confirm they’re fantastic.

    Colour: White, Battery Type: Single Battery x 1
  4. Jackob L.

    Thanks to John for arranging and registering my EK3 on such a ticht deadline, I appreciate all the effort.

    Colour: White, Battery Type: Single Battery x 1
  5. Gareth J.

    The Horwin EK3 is a fine piece of kit, really been enjoying the commute. Swapping from an old petrol moped I miss the range, however, that’s about the only advantage. Very glad to have made the switch from petrol to electric and the EK3 has performed better than expected.

    Colour: White, Battery Type: Dual Battery x 1
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