Caofen F80 Adventure – Road Version


*Road Legal, Requires Registration and Insurance.

  • Battery – 72V 48A
  • Motor – 8000W
  • Max Speed – 52mph
  • Max Range – 93mi
  • Charging time – 3h
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caofen f80 electric road motorbike


Discover the less travelled path

Designed for the urban adventurer, the ‘F80 Adventure’ road legal electric motorcycle is perfect for eco-friendly dirt bike enthusiasts offering leading patented battery technology.

caofen f80 road legal
caofen battery pack


The Caofen F80 has one of the most technologically advanced batteries available today.

The magnesium alloy casing houses automotive grade 21700 ternary lithium cells, an advanced BMS with CAN communication, a patented auxiliary heating system and a unique flame-retardant oil cooling system

This technology provides far greater battery stability, improving performance allowing you to ride faster for longer. The operating temperature range of the battery is extended from minus 40 Celsius to plus 60 Celsius and allows for faster more efficient charging.


  • Battery can be charged in approximately half the time of a standard lithium battery.
  • Battery life is approx. 1.5 times (1200 cycles) that of a standard lithium battery.
  • Consistent high performance due to outstanding temperature stability.
  • Engineered for use in extreme conditions to IP67 waterproof standards.


A One-Piece high-strength magnesium alloy moulding.

The frame is manufactured as a one-piece moulding with no welding. Using a unique blend of magnesium and aluminium known as Magnarium, an aircraft-grade high-quality, high-strength alloy. This method achieves a 30% increase in rigidity compared to conventional construction methods.

The complex structure is formed without any welding, culminating in light weight and high rigidity creating huge benefits to the Caofen’s handling and durability. Combined with the rear swing arm made using the same process the Caofen F80 achieves a near perfect 50:50 weight balance front and rear.


  • 30% increase in rigidity allowing riders to take on more demanding terrain.
  • Lightweight chassis improves overall performance.
  • Balanced weight distribution improves both on and off-road handling.
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caofen charger


Advanced motor system offers leading performance and fast charging.

The Caofen F80 mid-mounted 72V motor produces up to 8KW output (Approx 11 horsepower) providing up to 260NM of torque at the rear wheel. With the proprietary immersed battery cooling system and intelligent charger, riders can fully charge up from flat in less than 3 hours.


  • Excellent power delivery with up to 260NM of torque available at the rear wheel.
  • Fully charge in under 3 hours.
  • Ride on/off road, up to 90 miles with the advanced motor control system.
  • Consistent high performance with immersed battery cooling.
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Built to perform on or off road

The bike features a built-in high-power LED light, bright in any environment and features a long service life.

The aviation-grade material used in the bike’s design highlights its dirt bike heritage, while the ergonomic design makes riding easier than its petrol counterparts. The F80 incorporates the same paint-baking process used on production cars to make the appearance more premium and eye-catching.

The metal battery case has superior protection offering an IP68 waterproof rating, making it dust-free whilst keeping the batteries at a constant temperature.

caofen f80 electric dirt bike
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Professional and safe build quality

The bike’s integrated frame is unique and designed with zero welding, ensuring a professional and high-quality finish.

The body’s rigidity has been increased by 30% from the previous model, adding another layer of protection. The bike’s body will remain intact even after dropping from a height of 3 meters at 50KM/h.

The higher strength and more refined body allow for a safe and steady riding experience at higher speeds.

Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 195 × 78.5 × 107 cm
Motor power


Battery size

72V 48A

Top speed


Top Range


Charge Time

3 Hours







Seat Height


Front Wheel

19" (70/100-19)

Rear Wheel

18" (100/80-18)

Rear Sprocket Size


Break Disc Size F/R


Battery Operating Temp Range

-40C > +60C

Max Gradient

40% Slope

Front Shock Absorber Stroke


Ground Clearance


Wading Depth (Max)


Maximum Load (Single Person)


5 reviews for Caofen F80 Adventure – Road Version

  1. Richard T.

    I’ve fallen in love with my commutes again, thanks to the Caofen F80. It’s the perfect blend of adventure and convenience. Cheers to many more rides!

    1 product
  2. Jack S.

    The Adventure Road Version truly lives up to its name. The Caofen F80’s performance on diverse terrains has genuinely impressed me. Ready for any journey!

    1 product
  3. Ted T.

    Parking has become a breeze with the Caofen F80. Plus, it packs a punch on open roads. It’s the perfect balance for city dwellers who crave occasional adventures.

    1 product
  4. John D.

    Switchingto the Caofen F80 was the best decision I’ve made this year. Stylish, efficient, and perfect for my daily commutes and weekend getaways. A truly versatile moped! Thanks for sorting this guys.

    1 product
  5. Mark C.

    I’ve taken the Caofen F80 on both city streets and countryside roads, and it has never disappointed! It’s the perfect adventure companion. Love every ride!

    1 product
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